Mobile NBA Basketball Caravan



The NBA basketball Caravan is a special 16-meter-long lorry with games, star boots, jerseys etc. There is also many basketball competitive activities at the scene, all fans (free participation),which attracts thousands of fans!


Main elements: The main interactive elements of the NBA basketball caravan include:

Mastery/ARM picking star/superstar footprint: Fans can match the size of the NBA and WNBA stars, the length of their arms, and the size of their shoes.

A higher level: Fans can compete with the NBA and the highest and shortest players in the WNBA.

Video game matchup: Fans can try out different of the latest NBA video games on six consoles.

Tournament essence: The oversized TV screen on the car will continue to show the essence of NBA games.


Classic contest: Fans can also choose to watch the best game moments and the greatest player reviews in NBA history with an interactive touchscreen.