14th Qinghai Lake Cycling Race



Rapeseed, Gobi Beach, Desert Mountain, plus gorgeous colorful Qinghai lake ... When the beauty meets the bike race, the reputation of the "tour of the lake" is going abroad.


During this race, the two stunning live broadcast led stage trucks attract many people. They are  currently one of the highest definition, the largest screen outdoor advertising truck. The car has a length of 13 meters, the screen rises three storeys high, and comes with a generator. "This is the ' sharp weapon ' we've been preparing since the end of last year's tour, and the screen is 43 square meters and can be rotated 360. "Qinghai Green Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd. General manager Wu Weixia told reporters.



In addition, the company also customized the award car for the event, different collar riders to the stage, the screen will be replaced, the two sides also placed two 4 square meters of LED screen, publicity section scenery and event collection. "Very convenient!" Watch the TV screen when you can't see the athletes. "said the audience, Dame Zhang, happily.