Skyworth caravan offline marketing



6 months, 47 cities, the two transformers of mobile stage caravans take smart and technological Skyworth products to thousands of families.


Skyworth Caravan is regarded as the ultimate expression of experience marketing. Skyworth caravans are not just selling appliances, but also provide consumers with an opportunity to entertain and experience smart technology. As the highlight of living room entertainment, Smart TV has become a standard for thousands of families.


In addition to the latest technology of Skyworth OLED organic TV, refrigerators, washing machines, purifiers, air conditioners, box products, Skyworth Smart Home platform and VR equipment will continue to meet with consumers across the country.


Focus on VR technology: this Skyworth Caravan roadshow across the country, mounted with the cool open system of Skyworth VR wearing equipment appearance. Using a wireless approach to project the world perceived by the VR viewer onto a TV screen, viewers can intuitively feel the world of the viewer and experience the feelings of the experiential person.